Now is a great time to be a fan of technology and gadgets as today’s top names in the industry have become competitive and innovative. There are countless products launching each year and it has become a boon to keep track of all of them. My name is Mario, a tech enthusiast. I have been keeping track of the latest releases and trends in the world of technology and I’m more than willing to impart my knowledge onto you.

I was born in 1983, a time wherein the technology we enjoy now are just wild fantasies back then. It was born in an era where I wasn’t able to reap from the benefits of the digital cyberspace, the cloud, automation, and so much more. Things were simpler back then but we managed. I was lucky to have been born in that era as I bore witness to the development of technology.

As one of the many witnesses to how technology has grown in the past decades, I can say that we’ve truly come a long way. Things have changed a lot since then. Mobile gadgets can do more than just communicate. People can make a living off of the internet. Video games have become closer to reality. Cars can now run on electricity. There is so much more to dig into. I could go on detailing how times have changed the way we do things, but a few hundred words will never be enough.

This is why I created Wireless Squad. It will serve as my outlet to provide you, the reader, with all the things you want to know about technology. It will be our own community wherein we can discuss the latest trends, flops, and so many more. You will be imparting your interests as much as I do through Wireless Squad.

What you can expect from this website are the latest releases in consumer electronics, news regarding the trends in technology, and so many more. I’ve come to understand that getting ahead of all the latest tech info is a ton of hard work, that’s why I will be devoting myself into this website. Expect the latest updates, details, and news with each visit here on Wireless Squad.

What you as a reader can do is support me on this journey by becoming a frequent visitor. This isn’t just a tech news site. It will also be a tiny community of tech aficionados.

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